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Sunday, January 15, 2017

Top 5 TV Shows I'm Dying To See This 2017!

It's so annoying how I lost 3 and a half worth of ANEtertaining posts on here because I couldn't sustain the hosting on wordpress and had to let go of the domain name as well, but no matter! ANE lives and so does A Network of Entertainment!

I'm back with a vengeance and 2017 will be the year I put more effort into making my blogs worth stumbling into when one is bored. 😁

So I realize that there are tons of tv shows that are coming out the first quarter of January 2017, but that's another post for another time. Today, I'm going to share with you MY Top 5 TV Shows that I'm ANEticipating!


Of course this is my number 1! How can it not?! Daenarys is about to conquer Westeros with Tyrion by his side just as Cersei has taken over the Iron throne with King Tommen's suicide. Jon Snow is about to find out that he's royalty and aaaahhhh! the possibility of him teaming up with Daenerys to battle with the Whitewalkers first, and then Cersei later, is just so freaking awesome!!! I cannot wait for the newest season!


Okay, I may be late to this party, but I was really apprehensive about seeing it, because I didn't know if it's the kind of genre I'd be into, I don't know exactly what it is yet, like I'm confused if it's supernatural or sci-fi, and I guess the only way I'll find out is if I watch it. So I will.


I don't know why I didn't hear of this show sooner, like seriously, it's just the kind of thing I'd like! It's about to come out with its second season this first quarter of 2017, so I just have enough time to binge watch on its first season.


Season 6 just started this January 2017 and I cannot wait to catch up on Season 6, I'm all caught up with Season 5 but I'm not going to start watching until about 10 episodes in, I absolutely cannot stand to wait a week per episode so I'd rather just have 10 waiting for me and then by the time I finish it, new episodes are available to binge watch.


It's the last season of The Vampire Diaries! And I for one am really sad about the ending, I hope Damon and Elena get a happy ever after, Stefan and Caroline too, Rick and his kids, Tyler and Matt and Bonnie too of course. I hope the ending is as awesome as it can be and I will forever love this series and will definitely own it on DVD or iTunes so I can watch it over and over and over again!

What's on your watch list this first quarter of January 2017?

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Pinoy English

Perhaps one of the best traits we Filipinos have is our sense of humor. Filipinos can find humor even in the most serious of situations. I guess that is why despite our country being poor and all, we manage to somehow be a happy people. I mean where else in the world can you find people who can laugh at themselves even through hunger, poverty and hardships?Free Userbars Only in the Philippines.Free Avatars

Of course, there are still some people who are so uptight and frown at the littlest of things, but it's great that they aren't that many. Anyway, I wanted to share this video made by a Canadian born Filipino. I was literally laughing my ass off when I was watching this video.Happy Emoticons Check it out!

It's funny because it's true.Happy Emoticons

It will probably sound insulting to some people (people who have no sense of humor and people who have sticks up their ass). LOL.Free Icons I love it because it's funny and it's a Filipino trademark, I think it's pretty awesome how we are gaining so much popularity because of it. Even Ellen DeGeneres loves the Filipino accent. Who wouldn't, it is so adorable! LOL.Free Icons

You know how much I love Ellen DeGeneres right?Free Icons Yes, she loves Filipinos too, she discovered Charice Pempengco and has given praise to Arnel Pineda and now Maria Aragon. She even said that the most talented singers are from the Philippines. She is so awesome. I watch her show religiously and I love that Mindy is back. For those of you who don't know Mindy (you should watch The Ellen DeGeneres Show more often!), she is Ellen's housekeeper and she is a Filipina. In the show's new segment, Ellen gives her a minute to give reviews about movies and stuff. Check out the latest from Mindy!

I am proud to be Pinoy! In the words of Mikey Bustos, "See you later heavy weighter and Pacquiao por Layf!". LMAO!Happy Emoticons



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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Lucas Exclusive

Lucas keeps me entertained all the time. Watching him is so fascinating. He is one hyper kid who does a lot of things and I just happen to catch it on video sometimes. However, I do my hardest not to let him notice because if he notices that I am taking a video of him, he would stop and would want to watch it right away. He's like that when someone takes his picture as well, he wants to see it right after he hears the "click" sound or right after the camera flashes.

So anyway, one afternoon, he started jamming with his make believe drum set and guitar. Check out my little boy's one-boy-band.Free Avatars LOL.Happy Emoticons

Yes, it is almost a 5 minute act, and that is only part 1. LOL.Happy Emoticons

He is supposed to turn 3 after February 28, but he has to wait until next year to actually celebrate his first official birthday. He was born February 29, 2008.
Lucas actually does this a lot.Free Icons He'll break out in a songFree Smileys or start to pretend he's playing the guitarMusic Emoticons or the drums.Free Icons My grandma actually wants to get him a real guitar, and I had to look for a store in our city that make custom built guitars because I want one made especially for his size because a normal sized guitar will be too heavy and too big for him. Who knows, maybe someday he'll be like Justin Bieber.Free Icons Speaking of Justin Bieber, Lucas is totally a fan and if you ask him who he is, he'll say, "Bieber".Free Icons LOL.Happy Emoticons I hope he becomes cooler than Bieber though.Free Avatars But first I have to get him a real drum set and a real guitar.

I hope you enjoyed Part 1 of Lucas' blogger debut performance.Free Userbars



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Pretty Little Liars

Photo courtesy of Wikipedia

It has been quite a while since I have been hooked by a tv show and I have to say, this one is so awesome I was hooked when I watched the Pilot. Pretty Little Liars is a new television series by the tv network ABC Family. It is created by Marlena King and is based by the novels of the same title written by Sara Shepard.

The story behind the conceptualization of the series is as interesting as the series themselves. Originally, Pretty Little Liars was developed for a tv series by the book packaging company, Alloy Entertainment but they weren't sure how to go from there, so they met with author Sara Shepard and gave her the rights to develop it into a series of novels which she did and they are awesome. Then sometime later ABC Family picked it up as an addition to their roster of tv shows.

I have heard about the books from GetGlue, but I watched the series first before I checked the books out and the only reason I checked the books out was because I couldn't bear the suspense, I just had to know what happened!

Although I have read a few parts of the books, I just browsed through it, I haven't really read them from start to finish, I am still pretty intrigued about how the series will turn out. There are rumors in the internet that because many people have already read the books and know what will happen, they might change some parts of it to make the tv show as exciting as the books are.

So, Pretty Little Liars is a story about the lives of 4 teen girls who drifts apart from each other when their friend died but is brought back together by a person known only to them as A. Spencer, Aria, Emily and Hanna drifted apart when Aly disappeared. A year later the police found her body and at the same time the 4 girls get strange text messages from a certain person who uses the name A. They have yet to figure out what really happened to Aly the night she disappeared and now somebody is threatening to tell all the secrets they have shared. Secrets only Aly knows.

Alison DiLaurentis "Aly" is played by Sasha Pieterse (Family Affair). Aly is the queen bee and she is the reason why they all became friends in the first place. Aly was clearly their leader and she manages to have her way with the girls all the time. In as much as they all loved Aly, they never really knew her at all but Aly knew everything about them.

Spencer Hastings is played by Troian Bellisario (Peep World). Spencer has a major case of insecurity due to the fact that her older sister, Melissa is practically perfect. So she competes with her sister for everything.

Aria Montgomery is played by Lucy Hale (Privileged). After Aly's disappearance, Aria's family moved to Iceland and they stay there for a year. When she gets back to Rosewood she finds herself in love with a boy she met in a bar. She later find out that the boy she met in the bar was her English teacher, Mr. Ezra Fitz.

Emily Fields is played by Shay Mitchell (Aaron Stone). Emily is an athlete, a swimmer. She is also a lesbian but she isn't sure yet, until she meets the new girl named Maya who moves into Aly's old house. She is strangely attracted to Maya but she isn't sure why just yet.

Hanna Marin is played by Ashley Benson (Days Of Our Lives). Hanna used to be the fat girl, but since Aly died, she lost the pounds and became the "it" girl in school.

So, who is A? I'll let keep you posted.



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Friday, February 25, 2011

I Was a Skater Girl

I was a skater girl, hard to believe, but yes I was. I conquered the hills and the sloped roads where I grew up. I remember I was 9 when my grandma and uncle decided to take us to Duty Free in Subic because my uncle had left over dollars from his trip to the US. Back then inline speed skates were the in thing and of course, my sister and I wanted to have a pair each, so that's what we bought instead of the usual chocolates and imported goods.

I remember mine was black with pink buckles and pink wheels, although the extra inline skate wheels were black. I never got to use the extra wheels because I completely trashed my inline skates just after a few months. We live on a mountain, so the roads go up and down and there were parts with pot holes and what not, so they were pretty battered. I don't know how I managed not to fall down, I guess the ballet lessons helped me keep my balance. I could have been an awesome figure skater, what with my awesome skating skills and ballet training. LOL. Just kidding, I never aspired to be a figure skater.

However, manual speed was one of the things I never really got to experience since most of the time we were skating on a slope, we didn't need to exert much effort. I wouldn't know the first thing about how to skate faster because of that. Skating was the in thing then and our city built 2 skating rinks, both of which closed after just a year of operation. Skating in the mountain got old and it got old fast.

I wonder if it's ever going to make a come back. What do you think?

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