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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Pretty Little Liars

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It has been quite a while since I have been hooked by a tv show and I have to say, this one is so awesome I was hooked when I watched the Pilot. Pretty Little Liars is a new television series by the tv network ABC Family. It is created by Marlena King and is based by the novels of the same title written by Sara Shepard.

The story behind the conceptualization of the series is as interesting as the series themselves. Originally, Pretty Little Liars was developed for a tv series by the book packaging company, Alloy Entertainment but they weren't sure how to go from there, so they met with author Sara Shepard and gave her the rights to develop it into a series of novels which she did and they are awesome. Then sometime later ABC Family picked it up as an addition to their roster of tv shows.

I have heard about the books from GetGlue, but I watched the series first before I checked the books out and the only reason I checked the books out was because I couldn't bear the suspense, I just had to know what happened!

Although I have read a few parts of the books, I just browsed through it, I haven't really read them from start to finish, I am still pretty intrigued about how the series will turn out. There are rumors in the internet that because many people have already read the books and know what will happen, they might change some parts of it to make the tv show as exciting as the books are.

So, Pretty Little Liars is a story about the lives of 4 teen girls who drifts apart from each other when their friend died but is brought back together by a person known only to them as A. Spencer, Aria, Emily and Hanna drifted apart when Aly disappeared. A year later the police found her body and at the same time the 4 girls get strange text messages from a certain person who uses the name A. They have yet to figure out what really happened to Aly the night she disappeared and now somebody is threatening to tell all the secrets they have shared. Secrets only Aly knows.

Alison DiLaurentis "Aly" is played by Sasha Pieterse (Family Affair). Aly is the queen bee and she is the reason why they all became friends in the first place. Aly was clearly their leader and she manages to have her way with the girls all the time. In as much as they all loved Aly, they never really knew her at all but Aly knew everything about them.

Spencer Hastings is played by Troian Bellisario (Peep World). Spencer has a major case of insecurity due to the fact that her older sister, Melissa is practically perfect. So she competes with her sister for everything.

Aria Montgomery is played by Lucy Hale (Privileged). After Aly's disappearance, Aria's family moved to Iceland and they stay there for a year. When she gets back to Rosewood she finds herself in love with a boy she met in a bar. She later find out that the boy she met in the bar was her English teacher, Mr. Ezra Fitz.

Emily Fields is played by Shay Mitchell (Aaron Stone). Emily is an athlete, a swimmer. She is also a lesbian but she isn't sure yet, until she meets the new girl named Maya who moves into Aly's old house. She is strangely attracted to Maya but she isn't sure why just yet.

Hanna Marin is played by Ashley Benson (Days Of Our Lives). Hanna used to be the fat girl, but since Aly died, she lost the pounds and became the "it" girl in school.

So, who is A? I'll let keep you posted.



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