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Friday, February 25, 2011

I Was a Skater Girl

I was a skater girl, hard to believe, but yes I was. I conquered the hills and the sloped roads where I grew up. I remember I was 9 when my grandma and uncle decided to take us to Duty Free in Subic because my uncle had left over dollars from his trip to the US. Back then inline speed skates were the in thing and of course, my sister and I wanted to have a pair each, so that's what we bought instead of the usual chocolates and imported goods.

I remember mine was black with pink buckles and pink wheels, although the extra inline skate wheels were black. I never got to use the extra wheels because I completely trashed my inline skates just after a few months. We live on a mountain, so the roads go up and down and there were parts with pot holes and what not, so they were pretty battered. I don't know how I managed not to fall down, I guess the ballet lessons helped me keep my balance. I could have been an awesome figure skater, what with my awesome skating skills and ballet training. LOL. Just kidding, I never aspired to be a figure skater.

However, manual speed was one of the things I never really got to experience since most of the time we were skating on a slope, we didn't need to exert much effort. I wouldn't know the first thing about how to skate faster because of that. Skating was the in thing then and our city built 2 skating rinks, both of which closed after just a year of operation. Skating in the mountain got old and it got old fast.

I wonder if it's ever going to make a come back. What do you think?

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