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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Lucas Exclusive

Lucas keeps me entertained all the time. Watching him is so fascinating. He is one hyper kid who does a lot of things and I just happen to catch it on video sometimes. However, I do my hardest not to let him notice because if he notices that I am taking a video of him, he would stop and would want to watch it right away. He's like that when someone takes his picture as well, he wants to see it right after he hears the "click" sound or right after the camera flashes.

So anyway, one afternoon, he started jamming with his make believe drum set and guitar. Check out my little boy's one-boy-band.Free Avatars LOL.Happy Emoticons

Yes, it is almost a 5 minute act, and that is only part 1. LOL.Happy Emoticons

He is supposed to turn 3 after February 28, but he has to wait until next year to actually celebrate his first official birthday. He was born February 29, 2008.
Lucas actually does this a lot.Free Icons He'll break out in a songFree Smileys or start to pretend he's playing the guitarMusic Emoticons or the drums.Free Icons My grandma actually wants to get him a real guitar, and I had to look for a store in our city that make custom built guitars because I want one made especially for his size because a normal sized guitar will be too heavy and too big for him. Who knows, maybe someday he'll be like Justin Bieber.Free Icons Speaking of Justin Bieber, Lucas is totally a fan and if you ask him who he is, he'll say, "Bieber".Free Icons LOL.Happy Emoticons I hope he becomes cooler than Bieber though.Free Avatars But first I have to get him a real drum set and a real guitar.

I hope you enjoyed Part 1 of Lucas' blogger debut performance.Free Userbars



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