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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Holy Porscha!

In high school, I was totally a geek for cars. People thought it was weird because I am such a girly girl and yet I loved cars and motorcycles. It started when I had a crush on this boy who was so totally into them, so I had to learn his language to be able to establish a connection, it worked; And it surprised me that over time, I found cars and motorcycles quite fascinating, and even though I lost interest for that boy my love for cars and motorcycles stayed with me. One of the cars I have drooled over was the Porsche 911 (nine eleven) Series.

Do you know Sally Carrera from the animated film Cars? She's the town's (Radiator Springs) lawyer, voiced by Bonnie Hunt. She's a 2002 911 Porsche Carrera. She made race car superstar, Lightning McQueen go, "Holy Porscha..." and she has been named as one of the sexiest cars in the world by Top Gear, a UK automobile magazine, the number 1 automobile magazine in the world.

Back then I loved the 1976 Porsche 911 2.7 Series, kinda like Sally, but older. I absolutely loved the sleek design and I can only imagine how awesome it is to drive, what with its top speed at 220 km/h. I always wanted to feel the wind in my hair as I speed down a highway on a Porsche. I would so totally look awesome! I totally love it's vintage look as well, I still love it.

However, now I am drooling for the Porsche 911 GT3. I don't want to get all nerdy and give you detailed specifications of the car, that's what Google is for. jelirHowever, here is a photo I found through Google and I just had to share it.jelir

If this doesn't make you drool, then I guess you like Jaguar better.

One day I will totally own my own Porsche, and you'll see me on the internet shopping for hard to find Porsche 911 parts and accessories. LOL.ihikhik There is nothing wrong with dreaming.sengihnampakgigi I am a firm believer of the "wish fulfillment" theory, if wish for it hard enough then I know it will come true. Someday.rindu

B prefers the Jaguar. I admit, it is pretty awesome, but I don't think I would look good driving a Jaguar. I still prefer the Porsche among any other car, even though it has never been named Car of the Year or Super Car of the Year by Top Gear. Jaguar XH was Car of the Year in 2006.

If we had the money to spend as we pleased, we both agreed that he'd get a Jaguar, I'd get a Porsche. I highly doubt he's going to get me one from the 911 Series, he's more likely to buy me a Porsche Cayenne. Just like the one Manny Pacquiao got for his wife, I think he doesn't trust me when it comes to driving, I don't know why. Do you think it has something to do with the fact that I have a tendency to be kind of reckless, and the yellow light to me means "speed up" and not slow down. LOL.ihikhik I am just kidding! I'm so totally a safe driver, I love the speed, but I would never endanger anyone else.

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