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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Holiday Fun Online

Hey Everyone! I hope that you are having a great holiday weekend with your family, I know I am! I wanted to do Friday Fill Ins this week, but Friday fell on the 24th, which is Christmas eve, so I didn't get to do it because I had so much to do.

Anyway, now I am finally able to just blog about stuff. So, while I was busy preparing for our Christmas eve dinner, I initiated a PokerStars Download, it takes a while to download stuff on my uber slow connection, and download time doubles if I am using my laptop, so if I had to download anything, like games and apps, I can't browse the internet using my laptop, which is why I did it while I was cooking and preparing for our Christmas eve dinner. I also wanted the Full Tilt Poker Download but I felt that downloading too many things at the same time will result to my laptop freezing and not downloading anything at all, so I decided to download stuff one at a time, besides, I really have no idea how to play a full tilt poker. I have however seen a lot of Full Tilt Poker Download links. If you have been coming to this blog for a while now, then you know how much I love online casinos, they are fun and convenient and unless you want to have money involved, you can have hours of fun with casino games without spending a dime. I am no expert at serious games like poker and the like, but I do love slots, it's a game of luck, no strategy or special skills required so anyone can basically do it. My favorite is SLINGO, it's a cross between Bingo and Slots and it is awesome! I can just play that game all day and I won't get tired of it, it actually helps me calm down, because I don't need to stress out about winning or getting to the next level. It's definitely a game you should play when you want to just clear your mind.

That's exactly what I need right now, so I will go and play SLINGO and clear my mind and come up with better posts to end the year with a BANG! so stay tuned, in the meantime, enjoy your weekend everyone! Merry Christmas!

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