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Monday, February 7, 2011

I'm NOT Crafty!

When God showered the world with artistic capabilities, I must have been asleep inside a cave or something, because I have none. I can be creative when it comes to writing, but I can't do squat when it comes to crafting or painting or drawing. I suck at it so much, one time my drawing made my sister laugh so hard she peed in her pants.jelir Don't believe me?soal Check out my pee-inducing drawing.

I tried my hand at scrap booking, I bought all sorts of crafting supplies like a scrap book ready book, card stock, some bits and pieces of cute button stickers like flowers, leaves, hearts and the like, but I never got started. Frankly, I am afraid to screw it up. I want to make a scrap book that won't look like scrap, you know?soal Right now, I am practicing through Scrapbook Paige, it's a game that came pre-installed on my laptop, it's a find-it kind of game and at the end of each level you get to create a scrap book page. It's really awesome, I'm hoping to get a few ideas. So, wish me luck!sengihnampakgigi

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Outlined Text Generator at TextSpace.net
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