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Monday, January 24, 2011

Music Monday: Secret by The Pierces

I just love Pretty Little Liars!love It's an ABC Family TV series that is shown on the local cable network ETC every Fridays at 8PM with replays on Monday at 8PM.

It's based on a novel by Sara Shepard. In as much as I love the TV series, I just hate the fact that I still don't know who A is and the suspense is killing me!gigitjari So, I will get me the books, soon.jelir

Anyway, I just love the theme from Pretty Little Liars, it's aptly titled too, check it out!

Oh, by the way, if you're on GetGlue and would love to get the character stickers, all you need to do is check in with this, "Emily has a secret relationship with Maya Spencer secretly steals things like her sisters boyfriend and the student council elections. Sssshhhh secrets to be told. Aria has a secret relationship with Mr. Fitz. Hanna knows who A is but was hit by a car. Hanna also makes herself throw up to lose weight and is poor. I'm thinking of Jenna.". It has to be your first check in to the show in a day, otherwise it won't work. I am proud to say I have all character stickers. I just don't have the Thanksgiving and Halloween stickers because I joined GetGlue after those holidays. But I have the Christmas and New Year sticker, so yay!

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