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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Designer Scrubs for the Stars

I love watching medical shows like House, M.D., Private Practice and Grey's Anatomy. I love the drama and the comedy. Usually medical shows were all about doctors, but earlier this year, shows about nurses were aired as well, Mercy and Nurse Jackie are among the few that are quite popular today.

I watch House, M.D. whenever I can and even though I am working, I like to keep him in the background, I just think that Hugh Laurie does such an amazing job. Of course, it wouldn't be the same without his lab coat clad staff. I personally like his first team, which were Foreman, Cameron and Chase. However, the ones who replaced them were okay I guess, I love Kumar, too bad he had to die. Oops, a bit of a spoiler there. I never had any intentions of watching Grey's Anatomy, but my sister had the first season DVD and we decided to watch it and before I knew it, I was hooked. I couldn't get enough of MerDek! I became a fan quite quickly. It broke my heart when Denny died and when Burke left Christina. As for Private Practice, I have yet to watch the entire first season, but I am loving it so far.

Ever wonder what you would look like in a lab coat? Lab coats for men and women are easily available online and if you want to dress up as a nurse then cheap nursing scrubs are available too. Don't bother dressing up as a sexy nurse, some nurses find that offensive and besides, that is so 90's.

Anyway, I have grown fond of watching shows about nurses too. I just love Mercy, I think it is awesome! Michelle Trachtenberg as Chloe Payne makes me forget how awful Georgina Sparks! LOL. I absolutely love her in this series and I have to admit, I started watching it because of her, and now I am hooked! Nurse Jackie is okay too, although I have only watched a couple of episodes, I must watch more before I can really say if I like it or not.

What's your fave medical show?

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