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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Twilight Saga: Eclipse

Okay, so I know it has taken me forever to write about the movie, and that is only because I was a bit disappointed with how it came out.

Out of ALL the Twilight books, my favorite is Eclipse, because it's when Edward comes back for Bella. Jacob was pushed to the side, I feel for him, but Edward and Bella, belong together.

Like I said above, I was so disappointed with the movie. If it weren't for Taylor Lautner, the movie would have sucked big time. I guess the change in director is to blame yet again, I wish Chris Weitz directed this film too, because among all the Twilight movies, New Moon was by far the best among all of them. It was the closest to the book and that is what is awesome about it, the movie didn't deviate so much from the plot. Twilight takes the second place. Eclipse was so far off from the book, I cringed every time a scene was wrong or a scene was missing or was changed. I understand that the movie was timed and therefore shortcuts will be taken, however, if you cut so much from a whole, you end up with a lot of crumbs that don't really make sense. You know? Although the movie made a bit of sense, people who have not read the book will misinterpret the characters' feelings and thoughts because it was not properly explained. For example, in the movie, people who have not read the book may misinterpret Edward's reasons for not telling Bella about the encounter between Paul and Emmett, in the movie, it may look like he was worried he'd take the wolves' side when in fact in the book, he didn't tell her because he knew she'd freak out. It also didn't help that Kristen Stewart has no tear ducts because by that time, Bella should have been bawling and hyperventilating and sobbing uncontrollably. Also, the scene where Jacob tells her about the encounter between Paul and Emmett and the scene where she hops on the bike with Jacob ditching school were two different scenarios and in the movie it was merged. The movie made it look like Edward was a loser and I freakin' hate it. That part in the mountain where Bella asks Jacob to kiss her was not explained well at all, and people who have not read the book judged Bella right away. In a bad way. She wasn't cheating on Edward, she did it to save Jacob from himself because he threatened to hurt himself. They should have explained why she did it, after all, it's not like the people who haven't read the book read Jacob's mind like Edward, which is why he wasn't mad at Bella. Also, Edward was partly to blame for the kiss, you'd know that if you read the book. I was also so looking forward to the fight scene between Victoria and Edward, whiItalicch was so awesome in the book, and it was not shown well in the movie. I was truly very disappointed.

However, an almost naked Taylor Lautner, made it all worth it. LOL.

I hope Breaking Dawn comes out awesome, I hear they are doing it in 2 parts, so I hope they don't miss anything. I really hope Stephenie Meyer would be more of a critic and stop being so startstruck by the actors, she should tell Kristen Stewart to freakin cry or else she'd make her cry. I mean really, shed some freakin tears, it's not like you're going to miss your tears. Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner both look amazing, and I think both did pretty well with their characters. I wasn't much of a Rob Patz fan in the beginning but that's just because I felt Edward was too perfect, but then he grew on me, and although there are still scenes where he isn't as gorgeous as Edward is supposed to be, he made it work, so gotta give him points for credit. I loved Taylor Lautner the moment he became a central character in New Moon.

Anyway, despite the fact that I was disappointed with the film, I'd still purchase the DVD, I haven't yet, but I hear that it's already up for sale online over at Tesco Entertainment, so I definitely want to look into that. I still want to complete the DVD set of all the Twilight movies, just to complete the collection. I already have Twilight, I have yet to get New Moon and Eclipse.

Maybe I should put it on my wish list this year, what do you think?

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