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Sunday, February 20, 2011

John Ford Coley and Fra Lippo Lippi Concert

Last Friday night was date night for me and B. We went to see Fra Lippo Lippi in concert, remember last week, I wrote about being so disappointed on my other blog because it was postponed? Well, The producers felt bad about disappointing so many people so as an added bonus, John Ford Coley, performed in the concert as well, so it was basically a Fra Lippo Lippi/John Ford Coley Concert, and it was awesome!Free Avatars

I bugged B for weeks for these.. 
They performed separately of course but they were both awesome. However, I think I may have enjoyed John Ford Coley more than Per Sorensen because John Ford Coley was funny and interacted with the audience a lot. Per Sorensen did interact with the audience but he wasn't comedic. I can also tell that he still wasn't feeling 100% okay, I guess he hasn't fully recovered from his throat infection, but as they say in showbiz, the show must go on. He was still awesome anyway and he didn't disappoint.

The View from where I was seating, not too near and not too far, perfect.. Free Blinkies
If you're not an 80's fan, then perhaps you don't know who John Ford Coley is, but I am sure you are familiar with his songs. Such as Sad To Belong, Just Tell Me You Love Me, Love Is The Answer and I'd Really Love To See You Tonight to name a few. He had a partner, England Dan, but he passed away a year and a half ago, but he will always be remembered through the songs he and John Ford Coley made famous.

Originally, there were 4 members of the band Fra Lippo Lippi, prior to Per Sorensen joining the group, he joined the group later, in 1982. Although some of the other members have retired, Per Sorensen still uses the band's name.

If you have never heard of Fra Lippo Lippi, then I guess you have been under a rock for the longest time. LOL. Free Smileys

A local band called The Edralins, opened for John Ford Coley and Per Sorensen. They mostly sang 80's songs as well and they had this modern-rocker-Beatles vibe going on. They were great, I loved their version of Melt With You, With Or Without You and Ghost In You.

It was a great experience! Did you know that this was the first concert I have ever gone to that featured a foreign artist?Free Emoticons Yep it is, so it is very memorable and I will never forget it. I didn't take a lot of pictures, because I forgot to bring my camera.Free Avatars So I had to use my phone and I forgot to charge my phone so it died right when I was recording Per Sorensen singing Every time I See You!Free Avatars Bummer!Free Icons But, thanks to this blog post, when I am old and gray, I can read this post and remember how awesome my first concert was.Free Emoticons

Post Concert Photo
Thanks so much B! Free Emoticons

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