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Friday, December 10, 2010

Top First Commenters for November 2010

Thank You for all your comments, I really am very grateful that you take the time to read and leave your comments, even if you didn't make it to the list.senyum

First Commenter Club


LadyJava 6
Monica 2
Bill 1
Mariuca 9
David 1
Haaziq 1
Jackie 1
Gagay 1
Foong 1

Is anyone surprised that Mariuca is once again the Top First Commenter? This woman is amazing! She manages to keep 3 blogs, manages her Adgitize clicks and Entrecard drops on a daily basis and still she has time left to do her job and comment on ALL my blogs. She is so amazing! I love you Marzie, thank you for all your comment love!loveciumpeluk

To everyone else, I still love you guys, so keep leaving those comments and maybe next month you'll get to see your badge on my sidebar!kenyit

Outlined Text Generator at TextSpace.net

Outlined Text Generator at TextSpace.net
ANE Thanks her First 3 Commenters with FCSB Points
Thank You for gracing me with your presence!

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