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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Passion for Perfumes

Now, don't let the title fool you, I do like perfumes, but I am not a perfume collector of any sort. Although I do love to use perfume from time to time, I am more of a shoe person. However, I do love the smell of perfume, especially if they come in those cute glass perfume bottles that are oddly shaped, which you don't find a lot of these days. I only have a couple of fragrances I keep and use only for really special occasions. Perfumes aren't really cheap from where I am, and I am really picky when it comes to perfumes, I don't want it too musky and definitely not too strong. I also don't like a sickly sweet smell that hurts your nose. I like mild fragrances that linger in the air and give you that happy feeling. I choose perfume that will smell good on me. Did you know that the same perfume can smell differently when used on different people? Yes, that's right, that's because all of us have different chemical reactions to the chemicals in the perfume. So just because a perfume smells nice on someone, it may not smell so good on you, that's why it's always a good idea to try on a perfume before purchase.

Acqua di Gio for Women by Giorgio Armani smells exceptionally good on me, and is one of my favorite scents. It makes me feel so gorgeous when I wear this scent. Dream by GAP makes me feel all girly and young. Polo Sport for Women by Ralph Lauren and CK1 for Women by Calvin Klein both make me feel fabulous. I have yet to acquire Pink by Lacoste and Purr by Katy Perry. I have tried out Pink by Lacoste and it smells awesome on me, I haven't tried Purr though, but I want to get it because it comes in a unique bottle, it's shaped like a cat (Mariuca will so love the bottle!). How cool is that? Perfume bottles that are unique definitely make a perfume worth collecting and it also adds a certain charm to the perfume.

I really don't know much about perfumes, but you should definitely check out Mariuca's Perfume Gallery. Mariuca is a perfume enthusiast and not only does she have perfumes in small and big bottles, she also has them in cute and unique bottles, so go on and check out her perfume gallery and you might learn of a scent that might smell good on you.

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