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Friday, July 2, 2010

Sattelite TV Deal V.S Cable TV Deal

I am really tired of our local cable operator!sigh

Almost all the movie channels show the most ancient of movies, I mean it is fun to watch re-runs of movies once in a while, but nothing beats watching new movies. I am also tired of all the non-English foreign channels, I am not Korean, Indian, Chinese or Japanese and yet we have like 10 channels of each, I don't understand the language and they don't have subtitles, so I don't watch those channels, but I pay for those channels because it comes with the package.around I don't mind having foreign channels as long as I understand the language, like more English and Spanish channels would be fine, and some Italian and French would be good. I can't speak Italian or French, but those are 2 of the sexiest languages ever, so I don't mind listening to it.sengihnampakgigi I mean I just want to be able to get what I pay for, I don't want to pay extra for channels that I never get to watch. That is just so unfair.merajuk This is why I am contemplating on going Dish. There is only one satellite tv provider in our area and from what I hear of it, it sounds like its Satellite TV Deals are a steal.

I am told that I can actually choose the channels that I want and dump the ones that I don't want, that way I only pay for the channels that I choose to have. That sounds awesome and that is exactly what I need. Another perk I am made aware of is the ability to have multiple tv's free for 3 months, without the messy wires. I don't like clutter and if it's wireless then I am all for it. Not only that, I can get a DVR for free upon sign up, which means I don't have to miss any shows ever again because I can have the DVR record it whenever it airs and I can't watch it. That is just so totally wicked!sengihnampakgigi

I guess I might really make a switch this weekend, I can't wait.

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