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Sunday, November 15, 2009

ANEticing Celebrity: Miley Cyrus**

We all know her. How can we not?soal Our kids love her, how can they not?soal With a hit tv show gone to the big screen and music albums that are hits, you must be living under a rock if you haven't heard of her.jelir

It's true, Miley Cyrus is as famous as can be. How can she not be famous?soal Say what you want about her, but there is no doubt that she can act, she can dance and she can sing. She's pretty much good at everything she does. Chakai, my 7 year old daughter, just adores her and has her ipod filled with Miley's songs. I dedicate this post to my darling daughter.senyum

Born as Destiny Hope Cyrus (she had her name legally changed to Miley Ray Cyrus on May 1, 2008). She was born in Nashville, Tennessee on November 23, 1992. Her parents are Leticia Finley Cyrus and her father is Billy Ray Cyrus who is also a famous country singer (he is best known for his song, Achy Breaky Heart).

Miley Cyrus is the star of the famous Disney Channel tv series, Hannah Montana (which was also turned into a movie), where she plays the lead role, but did you know that there were 2 other people considered for the role before her? Yep indeed, American Juniors finalist Jordan McCoy and the singer Jojo were Disney's first choice for the role?soal Fortunately for Miley, both Jordan and Jojo had other obligations to fulfill which is why they weren't able to do the tv series. Talk about luck.jelir
Unfortunately for Miley, fame comes with a price and in her case it came in the form of controversies. I am sure you have seen her Vanity Fair photos, which were deemed by some people as inappropriate and malicious, but I think it's artistic. There was also that time when she and best friend Mandy made fun of Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato, yes, they did act mean, but come on, let's not be hypocrites, who hasn't been mean?around There was also that time when she was accused of pole dancing at the Kid's Choice Awards 2009 during her performance, but she clearly wasn't, people make a big deal out of everything.around And how about the time when she dated an older guy, I say what's wrong with that?soal I am married to a much older man, but look at me, I turned out great. I think that despite all these controversies that came with her being famous, she handles it all well, just like a real lady should. She apologized when necessary and she stayed real to herself and to her fans.

Miley Cyrus has indeed come along way, and although some people think that she isn't exactly a good role model, I say, give her a break, despite her being famous and all, she's still only just a normal girl who happens to be famous. She still feels like a normal girl should and she only reacts like any normal teenage girl would, even better than others.

She still has a lot of success coming her way and I am sure of it. Miley Cyrus will be seen in the upcoming movies like The Last Song(2010), Sex and the City 2(2010) and Wings(2011). I personally can't wait to see her in the following movies, because I know she'll do a great job.senyum

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Shemah said...

Allie love Miley's PArty in the USA!!!

Shemah said...

I think it was because she was still underage when she was dating her older boyfriend and you know how it is.. anything happens, that guy could be charged with violating a minor. Once she's older a bit, i'm sure people will cut her some slack..

Btw, I really wanna watch The Last Song.. i saw her vid clip for the movie's soundtrack and she looks great.. and the song is good too! Oh and I read that Nicholas Sparks was approached to write the film's screenplay with Miley in mind for the lead role.. so i'm really hoping it would turn out great..

Ane said...

hahaha Shem! I was 16 when I first started dating B and he was 26 about to turn 27 then... :-D I guess you're right, people were kinda worried about us too back then... :) they thought I would take advantage of B... LOL :-D but he turned out to be the one, the only one... ;-P he is my one and only up to now... :)

Ane said...

Lucas loves it too!! :) When I play it, he wants it to be played over and over! :-D

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