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Thursday, September 24, 2009

I need a break but can't log in to FarmVille**

Hey all, missed me? Well, I hope you did. I have been so busy with future employers testing my abilities, and I haven't had enough time to actually, blog. I miss my blog and I miss my blogger friends. So I have been writing articles for people, and I am not getting paid for it yet, these are test articles, I have yet to be officially employed. Soon I hope I'd be able to say that I have a job. Oh my, I so need the money, especially now that Christmas is coming up.

Anyway, every now and then I take a break from writing and play some games on Facebook, in as much as I would've loved to blog, I just felt so mentally drained that I didn't know what to write about anyway, so I spend my break time on Facebook. This couple of days, I have been playing Barn Buddy, Yoville and Farmville quite a lot. I've moved on from Farm Town. LOL.gelakguling I can't handle a lot of games right now since I have to get back to writing in a while. Now, Firefox keeps freezing on me and I can't access my Farmville! and my crops are ready to harvest too!marahUgh!marah I am so freaking annoyed!marah

Anyway, here are screenshots of my farm, these are fairly old, mind you, I am at Level 16 now. Yeah I am a bit of an addict, at least I admit it, not like some people I know who is still in denial. LOL.gelakguling

I have a few swans now, a tractor, a seeder and a harvester, so this picture is pretty much outdated, but I can't log in to take new pictures. Boo Hoo! Anyway, I'll let you know how it goes, okay now, back to work! Miss you all!

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LadyJava said...

:* :* :*

LadyJava said...

Hey Ane..
Of course we miss you dearie.. I really hope you get the job dearie.. the economy is so bad these days.. we all need to be employed!

LadyJava said...

Good luck sweetie!!!

Bill said...

:* :* :* I hope you get the job my dear friend.

Bill said...

we miss you very much and am glad to see you back here again even if it is just a little bit. ;) 8-)

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