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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Miss You Like Crazy (2010)*

What do I do when I didn't have dental surgery while I was in Manila? Well, I watch movies with my siblings. In as much as it pains me to admit it, my siblings and I love to watch cheesy movies, well, except for my sister, Coy and my brother, Drake. Joy and I love it however.ihikhik So anyway, one lazy Sunday afternoon and Joy and I watched a local movie.

The Movie is called, "Miss You Like Crazy" and it stars local actors John Lloyd Cruz and Bea Alonzo. I really am not a John Lloyd Cruz fan, because I don't think he's good looking. Sorry.xpasti Anyway, the title is taken from a song by Natalie Cole with the same title released in 1989, which is unsurprisingly also the theme song of the movie. Check out a version of the song done by local Filipino artist Erik Santos here.

Basically, it's a story about how 2 people fall in love at the wrong time. The story basically revolves around their journey as individuals trying to find their way back to each other. In the end, they manage to fix their own lives and then end up being together. The story is a bit predictable, in the sense that you know they will end up together, but what kept me watching it were mostly the "cheesy" scenes.sengihnampakgigi I love a good "spine-tingler", don't you?sengihnampakgigi

I don't know why the word "cheesy" is used to describe spine-tingling moments. You can check out the definition of the word on the urban dictionary here.

The movie's cheesiness is evident on the trailer below.

My fave scene in the movie was the part where Mia and Allan were talking about the twin towers in Malaysia, Mia says she loves looking at the towers because it reminds her of lovers holding each others hands. She imagines the first tower saying, "Masaya ako kapag kasama kita. (I am happy when I am with you.)" and then Allan finishes her sentence saying, "Ako din. (Me too)", while looking at her lovingly, then he throws her a what?-look and he quickly adds "Sabi nung isa. (According to the other tower.)". Eeeee!ihikhik So cheesy!jelir LOL!gelakguling I love it!love


So anyway, Bea Alonzo plays Mia Samonte, who works in a hotel in Malaysia. When she comes home to Manila, she meets Allan Alvarez, played by John Lloyd Cruz. Allan is an engineer who works in his girlfriend's father's firm. Mia and Allan meet in a ferry. Every time Allan rides the ferry, he comes across rocks that have words and sad faces written on it, each day is different. The first rock had a sad face on it, and the next rock he found had "Kaya ko pa ba?(Can I still bear it?)" written on it. The things written on the rock arouses his curiosity mainly because he feels he can relate to what is written because he is not at all happy with his life and with who he was with at the time. Then one day she sees Mia crying and before she got off the ferry, she left a rock on the seat which said, "Goodbye Na. (Goodbye.)", so he assumes she was going to go kill herself, but she really wasn't. He ran after her, freaked her out a bit but then when she found out what he thought she was about to do, she burst into laughter. When they got off the ferry, they engaged in a conversation where it obvious that they are intrigued and attracted by each other. Their friendship progresses and it doesn't take long for them to realize that they are in love with each other. COMPLICATIONS arise because of their feelings for one another, because Allan has a girlfriend. Allan promises Mia to end things with his girlfriend so that they can be together and he asked her to meet him in the ferry's station a day after. Mia waits. He was a no show. She goes back to Malaysia to resume work as a front desk attendant in a hotel. 2 years later, Allan finds himself checked in into the very same hotel Mia works at. Coincidence? Possible. He tries to find her, she avoids him because, 1. She has a Malaysian boyfriend and she's happy and 2. She still has feelings for him but she holds a grudge because he stood her up. Allan pursues her anyway, Mia's boyfriend proposes to her, she accepts, although he can clearly see that something is bothering her. He finds out who Allan is but is determined to fight for Mia. Allan asks Mia to run away with him. She considers it but chooses to stay with Mir. She bids him goodbye. Allan goes back to Manila. 3 years later, Allan remembers what a psychic told him and Mia the first time they met, he told them about finding each other but will only be together after 5 years. Allan is skeptical, and doesn't believe it, until he meets the psychic's grandson, so he decides to wait for her in the place the psychic told him to wait. Meanwhile, in Malaysia, Mia and Mir are set to go on a vacation to Hawaii as an engagement present to themselves. At the very last minute, Mir lets Mia go, claiming that he loves her too much to see her try too much to be happy when she's clearly not, Mia tries to convince him she's happy, but he knows better. He lets her go. They remain friends. She goes back to Manila. Allan on the other hand almost lost hope and gave up waiting for her, but then, after a few hours later, she shows up. They hold hands and they live happily ever after.

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Speedcat said...

I always liked the original song ... I am listening to it here!

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