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Friday, May 14, 2010

Want Goodies?! Check out ANE's Blogoversary Contest!*

Come and celebrate A Network Of Entertainment's First Blogoversary with me! Contest runs from May 1st to May 29th. Everyone from every corner of the globe can join! Sponsors are still very much welcome, just let me know! Spread the word! Love you all!

Click here for the giveaway details.

Here are stuff you can win as well as my awesome sponsors!


1. 1 Month FOC 125x125 ad spaces on my blogs, A Network of Entertainment, Life According to Me and Confessions of a Not-So Willing Workaholic.
2. 2,000 EC credits
3. $20 cash prize
4. Original ANE Mug
5. Souvenir Items from my hometown


Entrecard Credits:

1. Mariuca -Wishing on a Falling Star - 5000 EC credits
2. Mariuca -Meow Diaries - 5000 EC credits
3. Mariuca - Mariuca's Perfume Gallery - 5000 EC credits
4. Monica - Turn U Off - 5000 EC credits
5. Shemah - My Sweet Escape - 1,500 EC credits
6. Shemah - Never Enough Stuff - 1,500 Ec credits
7. Bill - My Piece of Paradise - 1000 EC credits
8. Elai - Elai's Haven - 1000 EC credits

1 Month FOC 125x125 ad space:

1. Phatelara - Ramblings of the Phat
2. Phatelara - Crafty Heart
3. Shemah - My Sweet Escape
4. Shemah - Never Enough Stuff

Special Prizes:

1. Original, Unique and Gorgeous A Network of Entertainment Mug minum (coffee drinkers will love this!sengihnampakgigi)
2. Souvenir items from Baguio City, Philippines, where I am from, so you can have a feel of where I live. sengihnampakgigi
3. Awesome Hand Crafted Cards from Phatelara (all original, better than Hallmark cards!)
4. $10 from Marina of Music Box

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