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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Gift Me a Watch

Gift me a watch. Get it?soal LOL.gelakguling I have trouble thinking about creative titles for my posts these days. I just don't have it me right now to come up with a great, catchy title. My mojo totally needs a boost.sigh

So anyway, this post is about Citizen Eco Drive watches and how it would be an awesome gift for any occasion. I remember I got one right after I graduated from high school and used that until I got a new one last Christmas from my grandma. I never was fond of using a watch, it feels weird on my wrist and I really don't look at the time (which is why I am not a very punctual person jelir), and when I do check the time, I usually check my cell phone's clock.

I remember one time, I was wearing my watch, the one my grandma gave me last Christmas, and I only realized it wasn't working and it needed batteries when I got home and took it off, so the whole time I was out, I was wearing a watch that wasn't even working. LOL!gelakguling I am so glad nobody noticed, that would have been so embarrassing! LOL!gelakguling

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