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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Definitely Maybe*

I have been watching tv a lot these past few days, I really missed watching tv, I think the only time I really ever get to watch the tube is when I don't have internet connection or when I am over at my Uncle's house. To find out why I am able to watch tv, read my other blog.

So anyway, one of the movies I got to see this weekend was Definitely Maybe, which stars Ryan Reynolds (Van Wilder movies, The Proposal), Isla Fisher (Confessions of a Shopaholic), Rachel Weisz (The Mummy I & II, Constantine), Elizabeth Banks (Meet Dave) and Abigail Breslin (Little Miss Sunshine, No Reservations).

So anyway, this movie is about a Dad, telling her daughter about his love life. Cool concept actually, one day I would love for Chakai to know how B and I fell in love.love

Check out the trailer.

SPOILER ALERT: Please don't read any further if you haven't watched the movie.

So, here's what happened, my version of it anyway.

William Hayes (Ryan Reynolds) is about to get divorced, so her daughter, Maia (Abigail Breslin) decided she wants to hear the story of how he met her mom. He tells her the story of his whole love life, except he changed all the names of the women involved and she has to figure out who her mom is. So he tells her about his high school sweetheart, who she called Emily (Elizabeth Banks), but her real name in the movie is Sarah. He thought that he and Emily were really good together and was thinking about marrying her. But, he had big dreams, he wanted to get into politics, so he took an intern job supposedly as a speech writer for Bill Clinton's presidential campaign, only he ends up being an errand boy. So he had to leave Emily behind in Wisconsin and he moved to New York. Before he left for New York, Emily asked her to give something back to her best friend who also lives in New York. So he meets with this girl, he called Summer (Rachel Weisz) in the story but her real name in the movie is Natasha. She's a writer/journalist, who dates an old author played by Kevin Kline. So, before he leaves, Summer kisses him. But they don't see each other again until later in the movie. While working as an errand boy, he became friends with the copy girl, in the story she called her April (Isla Fisher) and her real name in the movie is also April. So anyway, Emily visits him in New York, and he was about to propose to her, but then, she confessed that he slept with their old house mate or room mate, I forgot. That ended their relationship.

Emily is gone. He excels at his job and eventually he and a friend opens their own company which focuses on advertising campaigns and stuff like that. He became very successful. Emily is gone. He and Summer become the best of friends and she goes away for a while to travel around the world but they keep in touch through letters. He then crossed paths with Summer. It turns out she and the author broke up, but she still is friends with the author. Anyway, he and Summer date and soon after live together. Again, he intends to marry her, but she, being a journalist and all, had to do her job and she wrote an article damaging his boss' career, so they break up, he loses his job as well as his company.

April is back and tries to cheer him up and get him out of the stump his in. On his birthday, she throws a party for him, he got drunk, he realizes that he's in love with her, but it ended badly, and they don't see each other for a long time after that. Then one day he found the book, which was very valuable to April but it somehow got lost, in an old book store, it was important to April because her father had given to her. He goes to where she lives, but she isn't home but her room mate lets him in, he meets Kevin, her current boyfriend and somehow he changed his mind about giving her the book back, and he just left.

He runs into Summer then, and she tells him his pregnant. She invites him to a party she's having. He went to the party and Emily was there.

At this point his daughter has realized who her mom is. It's Emily. She also realizes that he is still in love with April, because she is the only one in the story whose name wasn't changed. Finally, he got divorced and he decides to go and see April and give her book back. He managed to find where April works and gives her her book, but when he tells her he's had for years and he didn't give it to her, she got upset and asked him to leave. She got upset because he knew how important it was to her and he kept it from her. He tells her daughter and she convinces him to go to her and tell her the story he just told her. They go see April, they managed to make her listen, and then it's a happily ever after.

I just love romantic comedies. Isla Fisher kinda reminded me of Amy Adams from Enchanted, don't they look so much alike? Well, I certainly think so.

Isla FisherAmy Adams

Anyway, it was a good movie and it's one of those movies that you can watch more than once and not be tired of it. Love love love it.

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Bill said...

I think i have seen this one it was good :)

Bill said...

i thought i was tied for first place on FCC here till i looked and it said August LOL =-O =-O

Mariuca said...

:* :* :* :* :*

Mariuca said...

Hi Ane! 8-) 8-) 8-)

Mariuca said...

I have not watched this one Ane he he looks interesting though.. :-D :-D :-D

Mariuca said...

Thanks for the recommendation Ane, am watching TV now lol... :) :)

Mariuca said...

Hi Bill!

Bill said...

Hola Senorita :-D

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