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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Twilight: The Movie*

This is another rant about Twilight, but this time, I am ranting about the movie and not the novel. It's a year late, I notice that.around Bleh. It's my blog, so there.merajuk This is kinda a review but not really.sengihnampakgigi In as much as I loved the book so much, I wasn't too crazy about the film AFTER I read the book, so it's a good thing I watched the movie BEFORE I read the book, so I wasn't disappointed by the movie as much as others were.sengihnampakgigi
The first time I watched this movie, I was absolutely smitten with Robert Pattinson.love Although I thought he looked better as Cedric on Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire than he did on Twilight, but then again of course he'd look different, he was after all supposed to be a vampire. jelir I thought that Kristen Stewart did an amazing job as Bella, although I wondered if her lack of emotion was what the character called or that she wasn't acting at all.fikir I was besotted with Rob Pattinson's golden eyes in the movie, and I just thought he was absolutely gorgeous (in some anglesjelir).love Keep in mind that this was the first time I watched the movie, and I haven't read the book when I watched it, so when I heard about people slamming the movie, it made me wonder why.fikir I had the e-books, I just didn't have time to read it, so I didn't know what the fuss was about. Then finally, I found myself bored one day and I started reading the books. After a few more chapters, I found out why the movie had negative feed backs.

Robert Pattinson in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire as Cedric Diggory with Daniel Radcliffe as Harry Potter

Apparently, almost all the best parts in the book didn't make it to the movie and the director Catherine Hardwicke claims it was because she was on a tight budget and that weather conditions only gave them a limited time to shoot.fikir To me, that is a lame excusearound, a good director doesn't need millions to be able to make a good movie, and I'm sure that the budget for this movie was big enough because after the book came out this is one of the most anticipated films in 2008, I think the director of Slumdog Millionaire proved that when he made his low budget movie that won the Oscar, as for the weather conditions, why not find a location with the desired weather conditions already present?soal Right?soal However, despite what most Twilight fans said about her movie, she said it was good.around I don't think she read the books. Okay, so it was great if you haven't read the book, but the moment you read the book, it doesn't even qualify as an okay movie.around

Look Behind Edward, isn't it cool how the Philippine flag is hanging up in their school? Cool!encem

As far as the cast goes, I think that Robert Pattinson made a good enough Edward Cullen, but he can be better. Although he wasn't the Edward Cullen I see in my mind's eye when I read the books, after all, Edward Cullen is supposed to be perfect, a Greek God, I wonder why they didn't use any movie magic on him and make him look more like a Greek God rather than a celebrity vampire. You know what I mean?soaljelir He looked great in some angles, but there were shots of him that just looked plain wrong. He's good looking, but it depends on the angle that he was shot on, get what I mean?soal As far as his acting goes, he made a pretty good Edward, but I might change my mind after I read Midnight Sun, Edward's version of Twilight, so we'll see.fikir For now, I'll say he did an amazing acting job, except for a few times when he looked wrong.fikir

I liked him in this poster though, totally vampire-licious.lapar

I totally see Kristen Stewart as Bella, and even after reading the book, I think she did a good Bella.tepuktangan Although some people said she barely acted and she did a lousy job in Twilight, I beg to differ, I think that she did what her character was allowed to do. I bet if she was given more time to feel and really channel Bella, she would've done a better job. I think the last part of the movie, where she was battered and bleeding, she did a great job, I imagined that's how Bella would've looked like after James beat her and bit her.fikir After reading the book, I know for sure that Kristen Stewart's lack of emotion and limited expression in the film was not due to the fact that she can't act, but that she was making do with what she was given, and she wasn't given a lot to begin with. So there.merajuk I know she'll do a better job in New Moon.sengihnampakgigi
If I were Stephenie Meyer, I would've been really disappointed, well, maybe that's just me, it's because I am a bit of an obsessive compulsive person, and I would want everything to be perfect.sengihnampakgigi Did you know Stephenie Meyer had a cameo in the movie?soal She did.sengihnampakgigi

Stephenie Meyer's cameo in Twilight: The Second Diner scene

As far as the other characters go, they weren't given enough "face time" in this movie, so I really can't say if they did a good portrayal of the characters they were playing but we'll see in the coming films, as the other characters grow.fikir

Meet the Cullens

I think that Nikki Reed looks right as Rosalie Hale, and so does Kellan Lutz as Emmett Cullen. It's totally Ashley Greene's face I see when I think of Alice Cullen. Dr. Carlisle Cullen suits Peter Facinelli. Although I picture someone else as Esme Cullen, I guess I relate Elizabeth Reaser to Ava or Rebecca Pope, a character she played when she guest starred on the show Grey's Anatomy, better than I can relate to her as Esme Cullen. I don't know about Jackson Rathbone though. I mean, what's up with the hair?soal I picture Jasper Cullen with neatly combed hair. Not a tiny floppy fro.adus I mean really, who did his hair?marah I hope they fix that in the coming sequels, after all, Jasper Cullen is also beautiful in his own rightmerajuk, minus the bit-- okay, I won't get to that until I get to writing about Eclipse.sengihnampakgigi

So that's about it. I can't wait to see New Moon. I am hoping it'll be better, after all it is directed by Chris Weitz, who directed movies like American Pie, About A Boy and The Golden Compass to name a few. I loved About A Boy, with Hugh Grant, so I know what kind of movies he does, I know I will not be disappointed!sengihnampakgigi

Anyway, that's all I have to rant about Twilight the movie, before you go, check out this hilarious youtube video I found. It's a compilation of songs dedicated to the characters of the Twilight Movie.sengihnampakgigi

Here's a few words from the maker of the video clip:
the reasons why i chose the songs:

bella-hot stuff; well yeah you know... haha

edward-like a virgin; pretty much the oldest virgin there is

alice cullen-suddenly i see; one she can see the future, and now she can suddenly see she's happy being a vampire

jasper hale-soulja boy; he was a souldier.

Rosalie-this is why im hot; she's stunning & pretty much perfect yep?

Emmett-macho man; need i say more?

Carlisle-Dr jones; the only song i knew with 'Dr' in it XD

Jacob-who's afraid of the big bad wolf; pretty self explanitory.. and he says it himself : D

James-hungry like the wolf; no this song doesnt suit jacob just becuase it has 'wolf' in it, it suits james coz he's on a hunt and hes hungry LIKE the wolf. the song isnt saying he is a wolf. durrr durrr

victoria-one way or another; she's gna get her revenge

laurent;barbie girl-dont ask :|

esme- i didnt know what song to do for her. all the other songs were jokes, and i couldnt really have a serious song. it would ruin it. durr

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Shemah said...

=-O =-O

Shemah said...

woot!! ane's a twi-fan now!!! :) :)

Ane said...

I am Shem! I am! :-D LOL

Ane said...

Thanks for chopping Shem! :) Which blog here tonight?

Shemah said...

I think the actors that I think best fits their vampire characters are Ashley Greene as Alice and Peter Facinelli as Dr. Carlisle! :) :) I absolutely think they're perfect for the role! :)

Shemah said...

Kristen Stewart makes a good Bella too.. I can't think of anyone else who can be a good Bella.. physically.

Maybe it's just me, but her acting just wasn't convincing enough for me. Even if she wasn't given enough material to work on, which may be the case, she should've been able to channel her feelings just through reading the books.

If you must know, the part that irked me the most was at the hospital bed at the end, where Edward was saying the best thing for her was that he should leave bla bla bla.. Her stammering made me laugh because her emotion just didn't show through.. Her reaction to it was more of like her dad saying she's grounded instead of the love of her life was saying he was leaving.

And my sisters agree with me on that too! LOL!

But I'm really do hope that with Chris Weitz, the direction and acting will improve! I can't wait to see Jacob being the leading man this time around. I adore Taylor Lautner as Jacob Black. He's perfect for the role!!

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Ane said...

I agree with you on that.. :) and I think Taylor Lautner also makes a great
Jacob! :-D but I didn't say it cause he didn't have enough "face-time" in
the movie.. :)

Ane said...

Ooh, Shem, I agree with you about that scene, cause in the book, Bella was
hysterical when Edward was trying to tell her that he was going to leave her
because that's what's best for her, right? and she got so hysterical in the
book that the heart monitor went crazy and the nurse was alerted and they
had to inject her with more morphine.. right? Yes, I you're right, she
didn't do a great job as Bella, but she could do more, I hope she does
better this time around.. Although, from what I've seen on the trailer.. I
don't know.. I do agree on the physical part though.. She does look like
Bella.. Anyway, I love Jacob Lautner! but just like Debbs, I feel kinda
wrong for having the hots for him, cause he's soo young.. LOL but OMG, he is
gorgeous!! LOL

Shemah said...

Yeaahh.. definitely not enough face time! That's why I'm sooooooo looking
forward to new moon!! :-)

Shemah said...

Hahahahahahaha!! Yeah Ane!! Taylor is like my kid sister's age or
something!! That makes it sooooooooo WRONG!! LOL! But he has grown up to be
one hunk of a man! LMAO!! And yeahh.. actually I didn't mind Kristen's
acting from the beginning. When I first saw the movie, I was totally
enthralled with her!! Up until that leaving Charlie scene and that hospital
scene. But that's also the part which I loved most in the book so it irked
me. But it's okay! I hope to see her acting better in new moon. Although
that "it's my birthday. kiss me" part in the new moon trailer irked me too!!

Ane said...

He grew some muscles too Shem! He is a total hunk now!

Ane said...

I know, he's too young, but then again, in "wolf" years he' like 40.. it
says so in the book.. LOL :-D so technically, I have the hots for a 40 year
old Wolf.. LOL :-D and yeah I know what you mean about the "kiss me scene"..
that irked me too! I loved that part of the book, and I felt like Bella felt
so sad and worried about Edward leaving her and she wanted to feel comforted
which is why she asked him to kiss her in the first place, but then that
scene wasn't quite right..

Anonymous said...

Pretty nice post. I just stumbled upon your blog and wanted to say that I have really enjoyed browsing your blog posts. In any case I’ll be subscribing to your feed and I hope you write again soon!

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